3 Must Visit Place in Langkawi For a Tourist

Langkawi is a lowkey attraction located in Kedah, Malaysia that is very popular especially during school break where it will be a center of attention for both foreign tourists and local to spend their holiday at. Here are 3 places you must not miss to be in while visiting Langkawi.

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 1) Langkawi Sky Bridge

Who says you can only be at the sky during flight onboard? This bridge can take you to feel the calmness of nature and enjoy the breath-taking view while being at the sky! Imagine yourself standing here yet? The calm wind, blue sky and green nature can help to heal you mentally, paying off hard work and effort you have been squeezing to cater for yourself and family.

Langkawi Sky Bridge is 125 metre long curved pedestrian bridge that caters view of the verdant Gunung Mat Cincang, Telaja Tujuh waterfalls, and several islets surrounding Langkawi. Being 700 metres above sea level, you can feel like floating in the sky above the crystal clear blue sea! This bridge can take up to 250 people at a time it is fitted with double steel railings, wire mesh and two triangular platforms to make it more stable and concrete. Got an acrophobia? Fret not! This island has more to offer than a sky bridge.


2) Langkawi Underwater World


Langkawi Underwater World is Malaysia’s largest aquarium that located in Pantai Cenang just beside the duty-free shopping centre zone! Want to shop for family and friends back at home? You can shop after experiencing the underwater world here!

Langkawi Underwater World inhabit more than 200 different species of marine and freshwater fish including harbour seals, rockhopper penguins, sharks, giant rays and the Amazonian Araipamas. As soon as you enter the interior, the first thing you will see is the world’s largest freshwater fish, Araipamas and followed by other exotic and interesting water creatures. Of course, the main attraction is the cute rockhopper penguins. They often attract a few people to the crowd to get a good look at them.




3) Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise

As this place is named, is a bird paradise that inhabits by more than 2500 exotic birds from 150 species of birds. This Bird Paradise is Asia’s first fully covered wildlife park which makes it more special and advantageous. This tropical garden is a home for these species such as owls, eagles, flamingos, canaries etc. including parrots. You can enjoy yourself watching the birds of many colors and watch how smart parrot can be that they could copy your words and intonation!

Add Luxembourg to the list!

Add Luxembourg to the list! 

Luxembourg lost many territories to get a full independence, the small country is landlocked by Belgium, France and Germany. It offers easy access to every big and small city around. That is one of the numerous perks. When it comes to tourism you will probably enjoy it. Here’s why. 

1-So many beautiful castles to please your eyes, the three biggest castles are the ones in Vianden Clervaux and Bourscheid. A tour to discover the old buildings are a must when you visit Luxembourg. Don’t forget to bring your camera! 

2-So many cultures to discover! 46% of the population are foreigners, it’s a nice melting pot you certainly will like. And they speak so many languages, communication should be very easy, they speak Luxembourgish, German, French, and English, as people schooled at Luxembourgish state schools are taught all four languages! I want my kids to study there! 

3-You will love the food, Gromperekichelcher, Rieslingspaschtéit, Judd mat Gaardebounen, Quetschentaart, Kachkéis and the list goes on. Words can’t describe taste well, so I will let you discover all the flavors yourself. Bon appetite!  

4- If you’re into smoking and drinking, its really cheap, so benefit from the good prices. P.S: Wine and beer in Luxembourg are a masterpiece. Get yourself a glass or more. 

5-Hiking there is pretty fun, landscapes of the Luxembourgish countryside will make your time there even better! We can confirm that nature in Luxembourg is really blessed. 

I suppose its enough to make you consider going to Luxembourg, you will enjoy it, let it be for a romantic time, or a few days with your family or friends. Even as a lonely traveler, it will be a memorable time. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pocket and discover the beautiful streets and monuments of Luxembourg!